Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Lee’s Dental Clinic is not an average clinic in Japan. ….

Unlike most dental clinics in Japan, my clinic doesn’t accept the Japanese government insurance system. Moreover, I only treat 4 patients a day, spending lots of time on each patient. Each patient gets my undivided attention and a much higher standard of care than your average busy clinic in Japan.

But why?

I believe that dental treatment with government insurance system in Japan is not good for your oral health.
Due to cheap treatment fees, dentists have to treat many patients in a day. This greatly lowers the quality of treatments, and also dentists can’t take enough time to explain what’s happening on the tooth, treatment options, and all pros and cons associate with each treatment.  I suppose that a detailed, easy-to-understand explanation is the most important part of dental treatment. I provide detailed explanation based on scientific evidence and my experience such as the status and causes of disease, how to solve the problem, and what to expect in the future, etc.

Secondly, treatment should be done precisely.
Bacteria in your mouth (dental plaque) is the main cause of dental disease. Huge numbers of bacteria always exist in your mouth.
If treatment is not done precisely, your teeth will have gaps, steps and rough surfaces, which bacteria loves, being able to attach to the teeth easily and leak inside them.In order to prevent bacteria attaching, your teeth have to have a smooth surface, no gaps, no spaces. Needless to say, a tight seal after bacteria removal is crucial for log-term favorable outcome.

I also take photos of your teeth during treatment, step by step, explaining as we go.

To achieve the above, I need long treatment times, and this is impossible with treatment using the Japanese health insurance system.
Precise treatment requires long treatment time.

One precise treatment is more effective than rushed treatment where you have to go back again.

To maintain your teeth healthy, the key points are:

1: Grasping current status in your teeth.


2. Leaving no bacterial passage to your teeth after treatment.


3: Smooth surfaces with no gaps, just like healthy intact enamel is also vital after treatment.


4: Appropriate brushing and flossing, annual checkups and cleaning are recommended.

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