Our sevice & Fee

First visit Fee

Full mouth visual examinations, and counseling ¥10,000~(50min~)
With a thorough examination of all your teeth and counseling I will find your problem.
If another examination is needed(ex. x-ray or periodontal examination) I will do that also (for an extra fee).
In the next appointment, I will give you a document with the results of examinations and we will discuss the results.

Root canal examination ¥5,000~ (50min~)
Focusing on your troubled tooth(only for root canal trouble), I`ll find out the cause of what`s happening to your tooth, how to solve the problem, and treatment option.
Treatment fee, appointment time, the risks of treatment and prognosis are also explained in detail.

・Periodontal examination ¥7,000-
・X-ray examination(10~14 photos) ¥6,000-(or ¥600 per photo )
・photo examination ¥2,000-
・bite check ¥5,000

Prosthetic treatment
・Ceramic Crown ¥170,000~¥180,000
・Ceramic veneers ¥170,000~
・Gold Crown ¥160,000

・Provisional Crown ¥5,000 per tooth
・Inlay, Onlay (Ceramc or Gold) ¥125,000
(Depending on the degree of cavity and time required)

Root canal treatment(Non surgical)
・anterior teeth ¥70,000
・premolar ¥90,000
・molar ¥110,000

・anterior teeth ¥80,000
・premolar ¥100,000
・molar ¥120,000
・Using MTA ¥10,000 per tooth

Endodontic surgery
・anterior teeth ¥100,000 (with conventional RCT ¥50,000)
・premolar ¥100,000 (with conventional RCT ¥50,000)
・molar ¥120,000 (with conventional RCT ¥60,000)

Before Root Canal Treatment
There are some cases which following treatments are required.

・Removal of crown or filling ¥5,000
・Removal of post core ¥10,000
・Cutting gum at margin area¥5,000
・Resin wall for isolation of root canal ¥10,000

After Root Canal Treatment
・Core build up With Fiber post ¥20,000(Without root canal treatment ¥40,000)
Without Fiber post ¥15,000(Without root canal treatment¥35,000)

・surgery ¥200,000〜
・Abutment ¥60,000~

・Direct bonding ¥45,000〜

Periodontal treatment

・Blushing & Flossing lesson ¥5,000〜 (30min〜)
・Scaling root planing ¥12,000 (50min) ¥18,000 (75min)
・Surgery ¥40,000〜¥80,000
・Maintenance and Cleaning for prophylaxis ¥10,000(50min)〜¥15,000 (75min)


・Basic Cleaning ¥10,000(50min)
・PMTC(Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning) ¥15,000〜 ¥18,000(75min)

Payment method

・Credit card (Visa and master cards are accepted).

Tax will be charged additionally.